Parker Pen Display Rack Customized In Pioneer Dragon Production

- Apr 19, 2018-

Parker pen display rack customized in Pioneer Dragon production

Tags: Acrylic pen display stand Acrylic pen holder custom

In 888, the American George Pike founded Parker, George Pike believes that only "to make the product more perfect, people will buy." This is the profound cultural connotation that Parker has deposited for over a century. In the impression of many Chinese people, the Parker pen is a royal pen of the British royal family. It was the gift of former US President Richard Nixon for his first visit to China. He was the signature of the 1997 Hong Kong handover to sovereignty handover ceremony and was used by Zhang Ailing to write stories. pen.

It is an honor to cooperate with the Parker brand to customize the acrylic Parker pen display stand. The Parker pen is a luxury brand in the pen, symbolizing the paradigm of the pen industry. The acrylic display racks tailor-made for the product can not only be used to display merchandise, but also have a good packaging publicity function due to its bright surface features, plus a creative Parker brand logo, allowing Parker pens to display Timelessness is not the focus of vision.

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